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I am a board-certified Pediatrician that is licensed in CA and NY.  I currently work from home by doing telemedicine, blogging, adding to magazine and news stories and offering my time to panel discussions.  My passion is to help others, and one way that I am able to do that is through educating patients about cannabis.



I have always done my best to eat right and exercise since I was a young child.  My mother was an integral part in this, as she always fed us right. Currently, I love Pilates, biking, lifting weights, and long walks, especially with my puppy, Henry!



I have a close-knit family even though some of us live on opposite sides of the country.  We skype most every day and are able to be part of each other’s lives and watch each other grow.  I have 4 siblings and parents that have been married for 55 years! I currently have 4 nieces and 3 nephews that I love very much!  My baby is a blonde, pink-nosed, labradoodle named Henry!



I started volunteering in 1991 at the age of 13 years old.  My first experience was at the PADS homeless shelter and soup kitchen in Waukegan, IL.  Since I have volunteered throughout my life as much as I could. After residency, I felt empty as my time was now devoted to a heavy work week.  I was not filling my cup up, but only depleting it. I decided to change my work life and with that came more balance. I was able to attend church again, and volunteer making me feel whole again.  Currently I volunteer at Mariners Church in Irvine and at Big Brothers and Big Sisters as a “Big” to my “Little” Esme since 2017.

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